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Down 12lbs and Several Inches in Just 6 Weeks! 

"I lost a significant amount of weight in the past, and I’ve been at a plateau for the last few years. I was working my butt off at the gym,but NOTHING was changing. I work part-time for H2T and decided I should go ahead and try one of the challenges. I did the 6 week LBDexperience. I was shocked how much “junk” I was putting in my body which I’ve always thought was healthy. End result - I lost 12lbs. and several inches (I didn’t measure-but went down 1 dress size). The most amazing part is how I feel - I FEEL HEALTHY!! I’m not tired during the day and I sleep better at night…it was a total WIN-WIN for me!!This challenge absolutely helped me realized not only does my body need exercise to stay fit and healthy but also the RIGHT food. Thankyou H2T family and Percy Bass!!" - Debbie

Working with our staff from certified personal trainers gets you results like these:

I Love this Gym and My Trainers!

 "H2T has been the first and only gym I have ever felt truly part of an encouraging fit family. I have learned so much over the three years of being a member. I feel more knowledgeable and on my health game like never before. H2T encourages me to set goals and then demolish them! And the best part of it all, I get real results that speak for themselves. I love this gym and my trainers!" - Melody

Down 120lbs and NO High Blood Pressure!

"H2T has given me my life back! 10 months ago I was obese and suffering with HighBlood pressure with no knowledge on losing weight besides walking. H2T haschanged that completely. They have given me great workouts but they also havegiven me the tools and knowledge to change my lifestyle completely. I am proud tosay 2 years and 10 months later I am 120 pounds down and no longer have highblood pressure. All because of the great team of people with Head2Toe. They say ittakes a village to raise a child but it takes a great gym to raise a healthier person andH2T is that!" - Diamond

Down 65lbs and Feeling My Best!

"In January of 2013 i decided to make a change in my life . Although i was a member of The local gym i was overweight and i was very unhealthy.. My weight was at 220 pounds. i thought because i was a member in a gym thats all it took to be fit and healthy. i was wrong.. so i decided to completely make a healthy lifestyle change.. i went to a registered dietitian/fitness trainer named Percy at H2T Fitness to get educated on changing my eating habits to making better eating decisions.. it was a slow and tough process but well worth it.. i lost a total of 65 pounds. I've never felt better about myself.. results..taught me that if you want that change and results, you need to challenge your body.. Youhave to get out of your comfort zone! if you are not leaving the gym without sweating,being tired, sore, then you did not work out hard enough. i consider this gym to be my sanctuary.. because when I’m feeling sad, angry, or stressed i come here and get all the bad energy and negativity out my system . when i walk out that door i feel like a brand new person.. H2T has been a true blessing to my life.. . Its been 3 years since I've started journey it is not over .it is for life." - Cindy

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The Head2Toe Fitness Team is committed to the improvement of your overall health. Weight and fat loss, reducing and eliminating medications, bringing back your self-confidence, and increasing your happiness is our priority. We respect and appreciate the trust our clients place in us and look forward to working with you.