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When You're Ready to Take It To The Next Level... You Will Get "Strong(Her)"

H2T Strong(Her) Small Group Training

While the H2T Metabolic  Group Fitness Training Program focuses on  conditioning, endurance training, and gaining muscular strength, our Strong(Her) Small Group Program raises the stakes.  In this team training environment, we focus on building strong, lean muscle that helps burn additional fat even while your body is at rest. The unique function of team training is the ability to combine camaraderie and support, with individual attention and customized workouts that meet the needs of each client.  

The H2T Strong(Her) Small Group Personal Training Benefit:

Small Class Sizes

Strong(Her) Small Group Classes include 6-12 participants to create an environment where teamwork, support, camaraderie, and accountability can be practiced with like-minded people looking to achieve the same goals in a fun and safe way. Because the class size is limited, our expert fitness coaches are able to easily provide the individual attention and instruction needed to exceed your expectations.

Muscle Building & Toning

One of the most common concerns we hear from women about building muscle is that they don't want to look "bulky" or "manly". In our Strong(Her) Small Group Personal Training the focus is on building lean, toned muscle that maintains your femininity while gaining strength.  Your body will transform as it transitions to a higher level of performance.

Expert Fitness Coaching

Our certified and qualified personal training staff combines motivation, expert instruction, proper exercise demonstration, and a bit of tough love to bring out your absolute best.  There will be times during your fitness journey when you don't want to show up or want to quit.  Having support staff to bridge those moments to your success is priceless.

Core 4 Process

Living a "Fit" Life is about more than the physical. That's why the Head2Toe Core 4 Process is vital to your program. The focus extends passed the personal training to ensure success in all areas of life. It consists of:

Body - Getting the Daily Needs

Balance - All Areas of Your Life​ Equal

Being - Aware of Your Spirituality

Business - Finances & Personal Growth​

Done-for-You Nutrition 

Having a degree in Dietetics, Coach Percy understands that proper nutrition is an integral part of any fitness program.  That's why our Strong(Her) Small Group Personal Training Program includes meal plans and nutritional guidance.  You can't outwork a bad diet and balance is key.  Percy makes incorporating healthy and delicious eating into your lifestyle easy as 1-2-3!

Unlimited Group Fitness Training

As a bonus, our Strong(Her) Small Group Personal Training clients receive access to unlimited our Metabolic Group Fitness Programs as well. The opportunity to meet other clients, experience varied personal training and different workouts keep your body challenged and progressing to new levels.

It's Simple... It's a Different Experience:

The Strong(Her) Small Group Personal Training Program was birthed from the knowledge and understanding that women have different needs than men at a certain point during your health and fitness journey.  There's a sisterhood, bond, and unique support system that is created amongst the women who participate in this program.  They become a part of the experience... part of the program.