Percy Bass

Owner, Head Trainer

Unlike so many personal trainers, my journey into nutrition and fitness began as a personal one...

Becoming a Dietitian was important to me because I wanted to help my family with their health.  Too many people around me were not just out of shape or overweight but literally, eating themselves to death! Learning as much as I possibly could about health and nutrition became a passion of mine because I wanted... no, I needed to help my family make better choices.  I knew that exercise and nutrition went hand in hand so in order to give my nutrition clients the best chance to see the results they wanted, I became a certified personal trainer as well.

I know it might sound a little nerdy, but I'm fascinated by the human body.  Knowing that you can give the body certain stimuli and it will cause it to grow, change shape, and shed fat excites me! It let's me know that I can help every client who entrusts me to better their health and change their lives for the better.  If they're willing to do the work, so am I! That's why I continue to learn daily about fitness training and nutrition... so I can help people get the results they desire and live the life they deserve.

Helping people through exercise and proper nutrition is not only my Passion, but it is my Purpose in life.  When you combine your passion and purpose, you no longer have a job... Better yet, you have a daily assignment that you enjoy doing day in and day out.

Being diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis, and hypothyroidism was a defeating moment at age 26! My metabolism slow and weight gain steadily rising caused a serious down fall into low self esteem. Trying everything I could to get my weight, my spirit and my self pity under control took years. I finally found the answer. Im now to date with some ups and downs 50 pounds lighter and 4 sizes smaller at the ripe old age of 40! Ive never felt so good in my life. no more cholesterol pills, no more borderline diabetic, no more depression. Since joining the H2T Family my life has turned around 360 degrees. Im determined to keep my health and my weight under contra. I use to be a victim of Thyroid Disease, Now I'm the Victor."



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